Foco #9 – Best Performing Cities

Fort Collin’s ranked in the top 10 for Milken Institute’s Best-Performing Cities U.S. index for 2018. Cities were chosen based of key findings taken directly from the Milken Institute’s website below:

  • High-tech industries continue to fuel growth in many of the best-performing cities, creating opportunities for highly-skilled workers.
  • Low unemployment rates and a shortage of skilled labor are spurring more competition for knowledge-workers, putting upward pressure on wages in the tech sector and widening the income gap.
  • Top metro areas are enjoying impressive job and wage growth, but many are also seeing housing prices rise sharply.
  • The national economy provides a strong base for regional growth with soaring stock markets, low inflation, and high employment supporting consumer confidence.

For the full list of ranked cities and to view additional criteria to rank, click here.

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