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Waypoint Real Estate Launches Development Company

After two and half years in business, Waypoint Real Estate has announced that the company is launching Waypoint Development, LLC, a development services company. As part of the company’s growth in services, Waypoint is pleased to announce that Todd Parker will be joining the team as Director of Development.  Waypoint Development services include development and redevelopment project management, design and construction management, budgeting, financial analysis, cost accounting, development consulting, acquisitions, adaptive re-use, site selection, capital procurement, commercial leasing, and integrated product delivery.

With over 20 years of experience in Real Estate Development, Todd has served as the Development Manager and Director of Development for Brinkman for the past 10 years. Prior to that, he served in Preconstruction for Drahota Construction, and Rhoads Construction.

“Since launching Waypoint Real Estate in 2016, we have envisioned becoming a true full-service real estate company, and for us that means offering Brokerage, Investments, Property Management, and Development services. Adding Todd to our team, and in turn adding Waypoint Development to our family of companies, realizes that dream for us. We will, of course, have clients that choose only one of the many services we provide, such as brokerage, but we anticipate having other clients that take advantage of the full spectrum of our services. The real value, however, is the insight and knowledge that will translate to our clients in any real estate venture they pursue.” Explains Josh Guernsey, Managing Partner of Waypoint Real Estate, LLC.

With the addition of Todd, Waypoint Real Estate has grown to  17 employees.

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