Residential Brokerage


Sellers: Do you know what your broker is doing after you list your house? Let us show you our custom social media strategies that will get you house in front of the best Buyer prospects.

Buyers: You need an agent who will hustle to find off-market opportunities, so that you are not limited to the houses everyone else has already passed over. That’s what we do!

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We are the only residential brokerage company that provides a full spectrum of commercial brokerage, property management, and development services. This means that not only do we know where the market is at, we know where it is going.


Commitment to Community

We give 1% of our top line revenue to local organizations that we love.

Our Process

This is not your cookie-cutter approach to buying and selling real estate that you will find at other firms. We are at the forefront of Social Media marketing strategies to help you buy and sell real estate.

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