Time to Get Rid of the Ping Pong Table?

4 out of 5 US office workers say they “don’t have a great workplace experience”, according to a recent survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal.  With low unemployment rates creating a competitive atmosphere in the recruiting of top talent, businesses are paying more attention than ever to office layouts and overall work environment.

Do you know what office layout appeals to your workforce?  According to The Wall Street Journals’ interview with Janet Pogue McLaurin, a workplace leader at global architecture firm Gensler, employees would prefer amenities such as outdoor workplaces and focus rooms, as opposed to the traditional lounges or game rooms. 

Locally in Northern Colorado, we are seeing fewer large common areas and more “huddle” spaces designed for 1-3 people to have a private conversations and / or focus on a task.  We are also seeing more layouts with a 50/50 mix of private offices and open areas, and downsized reception areas allowing for more functional space for operations.

To read the full article on “Ending the Debate on Open-Plan Offices” from The Wall Street Journal, click here.

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